Equipment List

At Parentals, we have high quality, brand name equipment available for rental. We regularly check for recalls and safety-inspect all equipment after each rental. We quickly remove any equipment that does not meet our high standards. In most cases the pictures in the categories show the actual equipment to be rented. However, we reserve the right to change the style, brand or model if necessary.

The basket underneath is big enough to fit quite a bit of gear, and I like that it is accessible from the side since the kid at the rear is usually sitting on the opening to the basket from the top. I like that with both my (bigger) kids on board, the stroller is still easy to turn and push and the weight limit for both the front and back seats is 45lbs each. My kids also sometimes switch who sits up front and who sits in the back. It is possible to get a 4 year-old to fit up front, although his legs have to be cross-legged and on the foot rest, otherwise they dangle to the ground, and it is possible for a 2 year-old to sit in the back and be buckled in securely. The stroller does fold and unfold easily and quickly it folds quite small, especially considering it is a double stroller, although if the sun visor and/or tray or infant attachments are on the stroller, it can be quite long.

Both seats have adjustable 3 or 5 point buckles, which is nice, and the front seat has two cup holders while the rear seat has a full tray. The wheels are fairly large, which helps if the terrain is not smooth pavement. I have driven this stroller on gravel with my two boys inside, and it is doable. I do find that if my oldest child is in the front seat, however, it can be hard to turn. My kids are on the larger side of the size spectrum, but they are still (barely) within the weight limits for the stroller, which is up to 50lbs in the front seat and up to 40 lbs in the back seat.