Car seats and strollers

Have you ever thought about renting a snowmobile for a trip to Utah, or a segway for a trip to Boston? How about looking for a vacation rental, and maybe throwing in a bicycle or baby gear rental to go along with that on your trip? But what's the easiest way to get all the information and book your rental needs? Now there is a one-stop-online-shop for everything rental. It is called Rent It and it is your ultimate rental resource. It combines all the rental info for everything you ever wanted to rent in one spot. Parentals wrote an article about the joys of travelling with kids for the Rent It Today blog. Take a look at Rent It Today - you never know what you might find to rent for your vacation or your stay-cation!

That was my question prior to leaving for a Disney World vacation with my two young boys, ages 1 & 3. I don't like dragging car seats around (and therefore started renting them so other people don't have to lug them either) but I also didn't want to rent car seats if I didn't need them. I was staying at a Disney resort, taking their shuttle to and from the airport, and taking their bus system between my hotel and all the parks. So, did I really need car seats for my kids? It was unheard of for me not to have to think about car seats after 3 years of having no option other than keeping the kids in car seats.

There was, in fact, no place to even use them if I had brought them with me. The buses didn't have seat belts so the car seats couldn't be used on the buses either to or from the airport or between the resort and the parks. Besides, you can't bring the car seat on the bus to the park because then what would you do with it all day at Disney World? Of course, you can't plan for everything and my youngest son had to go to the doctor while we were at Disney World, which of course meant a trip off site. At the time, I was wishing I had brought a car seat just for those "in cases" like I was facing then. But it turned out that the shuttle to the doctor had a car seat for people just like me. I suppose I was not the only mom wondering about the car seats and not bringing one at all.